I rarely update my blog, and I’m fine with that

It’s 5:30 in the morning on a Monday and I am reading my second book of the night (Leonard Cohen’s The Flame, followed by City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert in case you were wondering) with a nagging thought in the back of my head. “You love writing, why do you never update your own blog?”

And it’s a valid question. I spend the majority of my working life here at Butterflump promoting my glorious clients, but I very rarely do any self-promotion for Butterflump. I spent some time today thinking about why that is.

It’s not because I don’t have the confidence to promote myself; I’m very effective at what I do and I have plenty of experience doing it.

It’s a little because I already give away 25% of my time for free to charities like Beechtree Steiner Initiative and Leeds Dads, so when I think of advice that would help a business, rather than write a blog about it and give it away for free, I give that advice to my clients who pay me for the privilege of having access to my knowledge.

It’s not because I don’t have the time – I rarely sleep after all and that combined with being very organised, loving what I do and having a strong work ethic means I can absolutely factor in the time to knock out a blog or update Instagram or Facebook or *gulp* my Google My Business which is looking very unloved right now…

It’s a little because I don’t really need to do it to attract clients – I get great referrals and by the time I come to the end of my current projects I usually find that I have plenty of enquiries lined up to take their place. I tell my clients to do things because it makes sense for their business, not for the sake of it and I do take my own advice too!

It’s not because I don’t have anything to say, I am the voice for most of my clients and as such, I weigh in on all kinds of issues. I did a swift French Exit on my business and personal Twitter accounts a couple of years ago because the quality content was so padded with bots and trolls that I no longer saw the value in joining the discussion.

It’s a little because at the end of the day I would rather elevate the voice of others than hear the sound of my own voice, and that’s exactly why I work in marketing!

If you would like me to help you champion your business, get in touch.

Total Warrior

I have to be brutally honest, as a passionate cyclist I came to love running relatively late in life, to be specific at the age of 33. In that year I bought my first sports bra, a pair of Vibram Five Fingers and with virtually no training (two 2K runs, one month beforehand) I completed Total Warrior in order to raise funds for my son’s school – Beechtree Steiner Initiative in Leeds.

Sitting a few feet from the finish line with my son and a well deserved can of gin and tonic, covered from head to toe with mud, every muscle in my body screaming I did not expect that a week later I would find myself putting on my Vibrams and going for another run.

But continue to run I did. #ThisGirlCan

My son attends Kindergarten three days per week at Beechtree Steiner so Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the days that I have available to work or meet with clients. I supplement this time with the odd hour in the evening when he’s sleeping or at the weekends so finding my balance as a working parent, honing my ability to focus on my work during the time that I have available is important.

If I start my day by cycling the school run, grabbing groceries from Leeds market on the way home and then going for a quick run before I start work, then I am my best self – full of energy with good mental clarity.

Over the Winter period the streets have been far too icy to make running safe so I have been mostly snuggled under a blanket eating mince pies and substituting a pot of black coconut tea for my run. As effective as caffeine is, I had better get back to the running next week however as I have signed up to raise funds for Beechtree Steiner Initiative again by completing Total Warrior on June 24th. Your donations are very welcome!