About Butterflump

Lianne Marie Mease has 23 years of experience in sales and marketing. Initially working within the recruitment and training industries for FTSE 500 clients, Lianne Marie now prefers to support independent businesses who lack the resources of a marketing department of their own or the budget to employ an external agency.

Butterflump offers advice on:
– basic web design for your business
– how to best optimise your website for SEO
(Search Engine Optimisation)
– how to manage contacts with a CRM
(Customer Relationship Management) system
– the relationship between your website, blog
and social media
– how to approach advertising via social media
and email marketing.

From setting up a new business to rebranding an existing one, Lianne Marie offers scalable consultation services to help you grow.

Rather than renting office space, Lianne Marie likes to keep overheads low so she mostly works from her home in Leeds. When she needs a change of scene (by Wednesday) she packs up her travelling tea kit and can be found curled up in her favourite armchair at The Leeds Library (she spends so much time working here she’s even pictured on the website!). Passionate about loose leaf tea and obsessed with the arts she tends to read instead of sleep and can never resist climbing trees. If you’d like to hear from Lianne Marie about how she works and why she does what she does, check out her episode of The Working Hours Podcast Leeds.