I take great joy in helping small businesses with limited resources grow to achieve big things. Rather than focus on my experience of the process, here’s what other people have said about working with me.

Via LinkedIn

Lianne Marie is a determined, committed and knowledgeable marketing professional who also happens to be a real pleasure to work with. She approaches every task with a real positivity and sense of purpose, as well as a very good measure of marketing skill!

“Lianne is a thoroughly creative marketing guru. She has a wealth of knowledge to gain highly effective results within a short space of time. Her acumen is outstanding and her ability to unscramble complex marketing strategies into easy step by step guidance is inspirational. Thank you Lianne

“Lianne is one of the most creative people I have ever known – both in and out of the office. While working with Lianne I found her to be extremely diligent, loyal and willing to go the extra mile – all the while encouraging others to join her to greater heights. She works really well as part of a team but also excelled on projects requiring the single-handed approach. If you’re looking for someone who will inspire and motivate you or your company to move from good to great – Lianne is the right girl for the job.”

Lianne’s enthusiasm for communications has been a great support to the team and a great ‘energiser’ in meetings. Her knowledge of social media and email marketing provides real benefit to the organisation and helped us to explore new ideas.

“Lianne is an absolute marketing force of nature. She single-handedly & excellently manages our entire email marketing campaign strategy (conception, creation & execution) and has recently revamped our approach leading to a massive 50% increase in success over the last 3 months. Lianne is an absolute delight to work with, always happy to go above & beyond to help out, her positive outlook is inspiring & infectious, & she is possibly the hardest working person I know.”

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Lianne really knows her stuff, I would be lost without her.
Lorna – Think Healing Hypnotherapy

Lianne rocks! She is super conscientious and always puts in a lot extra. She goes above and beyond. She is very good at marketing especially on social media and she has made my website really great. Analytics? She’s your girl. Basically, whatever you think you need, Lianne will be able to help. 100% recommend her.
Rebecca – Little Bunny Bear

“Lianne is fantastic and I would highly recommend her. She has brought a social media dinosaur into the 21st century! I’ve had increased interaction on my business page, created more engaging content, more followers which has led to more sales and bookings. I’ve also got lots of ideas for Instagram now thanks to Lianne.”
Caroline – Neal’s Yard Remedies Consultant

“Lianne is great at all things social media – unlike me! She is professional and talks you through what work she has done for you and how it will help. I especially love the videos she makes that shows me how to do stuff!”
Ellie – English Language Tutor

“Clear and insightful advice on how to easily use social media to generate business”
Isabel – Lemon Balm