International Women’s Day

After discovering that for some reason WordPress will not let me upload mp4s into my media section (what’s up with that WordPress!?) I did a Facebook Live this morning. Here’s a rough transcript of it.

Rough transcript

I believe that one of the reasons that conflict exists between human beings is because of that part of our nature that seeks to define what we are, what others are, how the way we look and behave differs to others. We are inquisitive and love to figure things out and whatever that is rooted in, some fight or flight response that assesses whether something different to us is harmful or similar to us is ok, we should by now have evolved past that and stopped judging others according to our standards or the collective standards of our society and we should definitely have evolved past being prejudiced towards them as a result.

When it comes to gender, to sexuality, to the way a person presents themselves – the reason that nobody can agree on a definition for what it is to be a woman is probably because actually it really is not necessary to have one. Each human being is an individual, is different and no one person can or will or even should experience the world as another person does. (This does not mean we should not try to empathise with others it’s really important to be intersectional, to be inclusive, but this means we should listen to how they wish to be defined, to accept their choice and not try to redefine them according to our own opinions or beliefs or the constructs of our society that have conditioned us to question what that person is telling us. Particularly if a person is trans or non binary, it’s harmful to force them to choose a gender identity just because it would make you more comfortable. It’s not about you. It’s their truth.

Whether you are a cis woman or trans woman; if deep in the heart and bones of you, your own self says that you are a woman, Happy International Women’s Day! It does not matter if you possess a vagina, whether you seduce or who you seduce, whether or how you reproduce or whether you present as a woman. It does not need to be defined by anybody other than you, or explained or debated or justified. You are a woman, phenomenally and whatever that means to you is exactly what it means. So happy International Women’s Day.

Patriarchy, the day to say “what about men is on November 19th.” Today is about amplifying women so be an ally and pick another day to make your tasteless jokes. #PressForProgress!

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